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Do not heat to high speed fully Raiders Summer Thunder

With the advent of hot summer, computer hardware has long been a "sweat" the. Hot day, we become irritated. Then download some movies to see is a good idea. Unfortunately, in the heat of summer, if you do not do some work, Thunder download speed may be far from satisfactory. How the environment in the summer, "Do not heat to high," then became amuse you to achieve a required course.

1, where the main heat source

In the computer case, the heat almost everywhere, not just imagined some of my friends only 12. From the CPU, GPU and hard drives, optical storage devices (including DVD-ROM and DVD-RW drive, etc.), memory, memory has been to a variety of PCI-Express expansion cards. With the development of graphics technology in particular, its power is growing. At the same time, along with the development of optical storage, has become a big power to eat, to produce a lot of heat. However, in these devices, for us to download the most relevant is the CPU and hard disks.

Second, the main cooling technology profile

At present the main cooling technologies:

(1) air-cooled heat sinks, this is the most common, the most common cooling method, relying on the air flow to remove heat. Because of its high safety factor (no leaks), cheap, so most of the heat setting is used in air-cooled heat;

(2) liquid cooling heat sinks, liquid cooling-type heat mode thermal conductivity is much higher than air (liquid temperature lower than air temperature), so the repeated cycle through the liquid away faster heat (temperature greater). However, liquid cooling set high requirements due to its sealing process, so its not cheap. Most people will not use;

(3) water cooling, this is too much trouble, not now how many people use;

(4) liquid nitrogen cooling, it is not heat, is cooling. But the price is too high, reaching several thousand dollars, really is not necessary;

(5) semiconductor refrigeration, although this is true. But then, if the wrong polarity, the hardware will burn. At the same time, it's power consumption, after use may result in more heat inside the chassis, cooler surface may be a "condensation" phenomenon, so people do not use many;

(6) heat pipe cooling, which is the process by means of a phase change to absorb / distribute heat to cool the nature of the technology, are relatively cumbersome and expensive.

The most important is air-cooled heat used, other methods are still evolving.

Third, to protect the heart of the CPU cooling

Download the occupation, often for the CPU, so the CPU we need to carry out heat.

1. Install Dual-Core / 3 nuclear drive

If you are using a dual-core / 3 core processor, 璇?sure to Note that using installation support dual He / 3 core operating system, recommended Dajia install Windows XP Professional (Ju Yuezhi to support dual-core, you can consider updating to the latest patch to solve) or Windows Vista . At the same time, pay attention to install the dual-core / 3 nuclear drive. 1 to dual-core / 3 core CPU with the driver, can reduce the overall load for cooling purposes. Second, as prevalence of green IT concepts, and now the new CPU are reduced power consumption.

2. Properly installed CPU

Properly installed CPU is correctly installed base of radiator. We install the CPU when the CPU socket first, and check whether the metal temperature probe. If yes, probe to check whether the socket above the height above the outlet, we will gently press it to make it lower than the outlet height, and then install the CPU. Must be sure CPU is fully inserted, and then pull down the pull rod.

3. The right thermal grease smear

Installed in the CPU after the CPU and we would then coated the surface of thermal grease. Apply thermal grease at a time when we should be under the control of different types of CPU thermal grease smear dose. Not only in the heart of the coating, the core around the small part (about half a millimeter above the CPU board) must also be painted. Because when the CPU work, this part of the temperature is high.

4. The right to install CPU Cooler

Thermal grease in the confirmation has been evenly covered in the CPU, will be cooler on the CPU core on a flat, one hand holding down the radiator, we then had to buckle side held in place by the radiator. Then, according to the installation of CPU front buckle form, or by hand or use tools to buckle buckle, the buckle fastened, the cooler the installation finished. Finally, we also hand back and forth gently slide the radiator, so be careful not to shake, but gently slide, that the purpose is to ensure that there is no gap between the CPU and heat sink, will not be among the CPU and heat sink there is no gap lead to overheating CPU.

Fourth, enhance the heat back on the hard disk

For download and more hard drive data transfer, so we must make the hard drive cooling.

1. Buy a new hard drive

With different graphics cards and optical storage devices, with the popularity of green IT, and now the new hard drive power consumption has been greatly reduced, and larger capacity, faster. Meanwhile, the price is relatively hard, it has been cheaper.

2. To buy large-capacity hard drive

The single platter hard drive has now reached 375GB, so we can buy large-capacity hard drive, so no need to install in the chassis too hard, relatively speaking, the heat will be much less.

3. Install radiator

Is the hard drive to upload a radiator, not too expensive, but it can greatly enhance the life of the hard disk.

4. Homemade radiator

We can also produce their own heat sink, and the material is very easy to find, is the cans. As long as we install the hard drive in the framework of both sides of the cans of varying lengths with cut aluminum skin riveting array composed of two radiators, the width of the aluminum skin seek consistent and tidy, in order to achieve functional and aesthetically pleasing results. After the riveting will be real solid, the aluminum skin on both sides bent outward to form a U-shaped. Two practical radiator on the well.

5. Open Air

Needless to say, this is a very good program. According to principles of heat exchange and reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment, can definitely drive cooling. But now the energy crisis, electricity prices higher.

5, cleverly set up to Thunder sustainable Download

In the summer download, we can observe the following skills in order to achieve sustainable Thunder download.

Click high-speed download: Thunder 5

1. For the same time the number of smaller tasks

Although the Thunder 5 now can be up to the number of tasks simultaneously up to 20, but the summer holiday season we may have the most to download the movie. These files are generally larger, we can value at the same time reduced the number of tasks, such Thunderbolt for the file system and resources Zhanyong will be much smaller, equivalent to enhance the speed! The same time, reducing the system load, reduce the heat, the system more stable.

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We need to do is select "Tools" 鈫?"Configuration", then select "Connect", you can on the right side of the "maximum number of tasks simultaneously," set, we recommend a value of 5 (Figure 1).

Figure 1 less the same time the number of tasks set

2. To set a larger cache

We can set a larger cache to improve the movie to download large files. Select "Tools" 鈫?"Configuration" command, then select "General", then "disk buffer settings" will be "the smallest cache" and "maximum cache" are set to maximum (Figure 2).

Figure 2 to set a larger cache to improve large file to download

6, to automatically download Thunder in the night

In contrast, the lower the temperature at night, and the network load is also small, download aging rate, heat less. We can set the task, so that automatically download Thunder in the night. In fact, the domestic network bandwidth is not big enough, if in time for the peak of the Internet to download software, for example: during the day time, 18:00 to 11:00, then the speed will definitely slow. Good Thunder with the automatic download feature you can take full advantage of a good night's bandwidth, can be said to serve multiple purposes.

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1. Settings manually download

Select "Tools" 鈫?"Configuration", then click "Task Default Properties" item, then select "Start" to "manual" before the hook (Figure 3).

Figure 3 defaults to manually download

2. Add to download resources

Then, drag and drop directly in your browser download link, or right-click the link, select "Use Thunder download" command, and open the window without any settings, the task can be added to the list.

3. Set the download is complete shutdown

Full build-saving society is the main theme of today, if they can get shut down automatically after the download Thunder, will be able to save yourself a lot by the tariff, but also to extend computer life. We need to do is select the "Tools" 鈫?"complete shutdown" entry (Figure 4).

Figure 4 after the completion of shutdown

4. Implement automatic download

So adding is completed, before going to bed, right-click the main window Download blank space, choose "Start All" (Figure 5), you can add bulk download our task. Download is complete, the machine will automatically shut down to save energy.

Figure 5 all start the download


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